Tate who is one of six siblings was born in November 2006 without part of her left arm. Her family have never been given a conclusive medical reason for this. However, her Mum Jools contracted viral meningitis while pregnant and her waters broke 8 weeks early without any contractions starting which lead her consultant to leave Tate in utero for a further 6 weeks until Tate arrived by emergency C-section. There has been views that amniotic bands were the most likely cause of the amputation of Tate’s arm whilst in utero as there were no anomalies present at the 20 week scan.

Tate’s early years at school were not easy; Tate attended 3 primary schools having been severely bullied because of her disability. The bullying was persistent with both mental bullying and physical assaults. 

One of the bionic style hands Tate dreams of

Tate has her heart set on a futuristic Star Wars style bionic hand which works on the arm pulses; Tate dreams of bieng a bionic girl! Tate has already been tested as an ideal candidate for the hand.


The hand will improve Tate’s quality of life with many day to day activities we take for granted. However, due to the high price of the technology prosthesis (currently costing around £32k) this is only a dream for her at the moment, we are now trying to raise as much money as possible to "Give Tate a Hand".

Over the last few years Tate has become very insular, withdrawn and has increasingly demonstrated a lack of self confidence and self esteem.  We fear she is bordering on depression. It seems her only escape from these feelings has been through her love of sport.

Tate has discovered she has quite a good ability for playing football and has recently been signed for the Brighton Disability Squad whom she plays for regularly. Its somewhere where she can be herself without having to worry about any discrimination due to her disability. It has even been mentioned about the possibility of Tate playing for England one day!


Tate wins the prestiguos special recognition award at Brighton & Hove Albion FC 

Tate was honured when it was announced she was the overall winner at the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Player awards dinner.

Tate was selected as one of 11 nominees out of over 30,000 people to be the overall winner of the prestigious Albion in the Community Special Recognition Award.

Tate spent the evening (and the days that followed) smiling ear to ear as well as getting to meet her footballing heros from the Albion. 

At the Player awards night Tate received a personal invitation from the first team manager Chris Hughton.  Tate was invited to spend the day with the players, Chris & the Team.  Tate enjoyed a tour of the Elite Training Center and then watched the first team train where she managed to get a cheeky kick about with her hero Bruno.

Following the action packed morning Tate had lunch with the players and then was blown away by Bruno presenting her with a signed player shirt. What an amazing Club!

Tate had the best day of her life meeting Brighton & Hove Albion FC First team at their training ground

Tate doing what she loves... football

In July Tate took part in the BT Sport Premier League Disability Football Tournament at the Manchester City  Grounds.


Tate came up against other Premier League Clubs and her team Brighton & Hove Albion FC should be extremely proud of their achievement coming 3rd overall out of 22 teams.  Tate and her team also got to have their photo taken with the Premier League Trophy!  Tate was amazed at how big the trophy is! 

Tate couldnt believe how big the Premier League winners trophy was!

Tate & the Brighton & Hove Albion FC Disability squad receiving their medals at Manchester City Etihad Center


With Team Captain Bruno

With Manager Chris Hughton

Tate felt very honoured when she was asked by Laura Rafferty from the Brighton & Hove ladies team to lead them out at their match against Doncaster Belles on 22nd April where Brighton won their game 1-0.


Tate now attends both the Disability Elite Training Center as well as the able bodied girls advnced centre in Lancing.  Football is Tate's passion and she hopes to play for England one day!.

Tate leads Brighton & Hove Albion FC ladies team out for their match against Doncaster Belles


However, Tate's journey hasn't stopped there.... Since she has been attending the Albion's advanced girls training center she was asked to apply for trials for Brighton and Hove Albion FC Regional Talent Centre.  tate came up against the best footballers in the County and got through to the second stage trials but didn't quite make it this year.  But Tate's motto is "Never Give Up" so she will be trying out again next year too!

February 2019 saw Tate take on a new challenge! Tate was very privileged to be given the opportunity to play the teen version of the very talented and inspirational Paralympic Irish swimmer Ellen Keen. The advert was for Allianz Insurance Ireland #wecovercourage campaign which was released the beginning of April.

It was a magical moment when Tate met Ellen in person, Tate was in absolute awe of Ellen's passion and achievements in her sporting career which has spurred Tate to keep believing in herself  making her more determined than ever to continue working hard at football training.

Following Tate's adventure in Dublin the agent that secured her opportunity offered Tate a place on their books.Tate has now had her first photo shoot for her portfolio; the photo below is  a behind the scenes sneaky peak!

Two amazing things happened in Tate's footballing world this year; In summer 2019 Tate successfully completed a 6 week trial for Lewes FC Ladies and is now actively  playing up a year in the U14 age group.  She then went on to be nominated by her school PE teacher for County trials, Tate is ever so proud to be now part of the Sussex County U14 girls squad.

But Wow! what a difference a few years have made in Tate's life from a little girl that was in a very dark place to a girl whom is blossoming into beautiful and confident young lady preparing for the next adventures and challenges  that life may bring...

All we need to do now is help Tate in fulfilling her dream of a bionic hand!

Tate is also passionate about helping other children that may be in a similar position not only living with a disability but who may be disadvantaged. Tate knows only too well that how participating in sport has pulled her through the darkest time in her life and the benefits that sport can have on your overall mental and physical health. So we have decided that a percentage of profit raised in the Tate Cup 2020 will be donated to helping disadvantaged children through sport.


We wish Tate the best of luck with her next challenge!

You can follow Tate's journey on her Facebook Page 

Behind the scenes sneaky peak during Tate's first photo shoot

Tate meets her hero Bruno BHAFC Captain 2018/19


The Tate Cup is a non-profit organisation which holds and annual charity youth football festival to help disadvantaged children through sport.

Our next Tate Cup Football Festival being held in 2021 is aiming to help as many disadvantaged children as possible in the community to give #GOTate awards to help with the cost of their yearly training fees, kit costs, or specialist equipment required to enable them to play football.

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