DATE : 22-23 June 2019

TIME : 9am TO 5.30pm

VENUE : Waterhall Sports Ground, Waterhall Lane, Brighton

GROUPS : under 7 to under 18

The Tate Cup 2019

Rules of the Tournament


  1. Maximum of 8 youth players shall be nominated from whom 6 players will be chosen to form a team for each Match.

  2. Age groups are assigned as per UK standard

2.1 1st September until 31st August. For example, a player born November 2006 would be in the current Under 12 age group this season (2018/19) and would therefore submit a team for this tournament in the Under 12 age group.

3. Rolling substitutes may be made at any time during a match in accordance with the laws of the game.

4. Only those 8 players will be allowed to take part through the competition.

5. No Player is allowed to play for any other team in the same competition on the same day.

6.There is no offside

7. Goal kicks will be taken from the goal line.

8. Under U6’s, U7’s and U8’s may drop kick, but older ages may not.

9. There is a 5-yard retreat rule for all free kicks and goal kicks and in U6’s, U7’s and U8’s the retreat Rule will be in effect.

10. Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from the remainder of the tournament and the referee has the option to report this sending off to the F.A

Match Suspension Tariff:

Table 1

Offence Penalty

(to be administered by Small Sided Provider)

Receiving a second ‘blue card’ in the same match:

1 Match suspension

Denying a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity:

1 Match suspension

Use of offensive, insulting or abusive gestures:

2 Match suspension

Attempting to kick or strike another Player

Violent Conduct

Serious Foul Play                                                 

3 Match suspension

​11. The first named team in each fixture is the home team.

11.1 The home team will provide a match ball

11.2 The away team will change   colours in the event of a  colour clash

12. Referees will provide a printed results slip to the winning manager and a drawn fixture will be provided to the home team manager.

12.1 To reduce our carbon footprint live results and fixtures will be available on the web site

13. These rules must be adhered to.  Any team breaking rules may be either deducted points or asked to leave the competition. In the event of this the points for each fixture will be awarded to opponents.

14. Goalkeepers must role or throw the ball out. Except for the U7’s & U8’s who may drop kick.

​15. Each age group will have their own specific match times (these will be clearly noted on each fixtures page) the minimum match including semi-final and finals the time will be 10 minutes one way.

15.1 All teams are required to be match side ready for their game to start to less than 3 minutes prior to their allocated game time. Lateness resulting in delay of KO time may result in points being awarded to the opposition.

15.2 Any team not turning up for a match will forfeit the points and they will be awarded to the Opponent.

16. If a team does not turn up for the tournament, each team will be awarded a 1 nil Victory and three points.

17. Penalties will be 5 penalties each and then sudden death will kick in until a result

​18. Substitutes cannot take penalties if they are not on field of play at the end of extra time.

19. Points will be given as follows,

3, for a win,

1, for a draw and

0, for a loss. 

U7’s & U8’s will not Play for points.

20. On the event of tables being tied, the teams with superior goal difference will win the group.

​21. If this is level results between the drawn teams a 5 minute play off of will determine the overall winner.

​22. Please Note: These rules may be updated at any time before the day of the tournament

23. Golden Boot Award – The Golden Boot award will be awarded to the highest scoring player in each age group from U7 to U18.


The Tate Cup do not accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage to property by spectators or players however caused during the day(s) of the tournament.

Charity 6-A-SIDE Football Tournament



The Tate Cup is a non-profit organisation which holds and annual charity youth football festival to help disadvantaged children through sport.

Our next Tate Cup Football Festival being held in 2021 is aiming to help as many disadvantaged children as possible in the community to give #GOTate awards to help with the cost of their yearly training fees, kit costs, or specialist equipment required to enable them to play football.

The Tate Cup Charity
Football Tournament
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